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Italian Kitchens

Discover our range of Italian Kitchens

Our Italian kitchens offer style and functionality with beautiful designs you'll love. Made in Italy, our Italian kitchens are available in a huge range of finishes and and styles including an ultra modern handleless kitchen or a classic design. 

Mobilturi Pop 4.jpg

Modern Design

Striking colours and a clean cut finish combine with pure geometric shapes. Our Italian Kitchens are distinguished by exclusive colours, trendy textures and the latest innovative materials.

Classic Design

A timeless and classic design, featuring solid wood doors, unrivalled decorations and engravings infused with quality of custom made kitchens made in Italy.

Mobilturi_Mod. Nina_comp. 02_generale_pr.jpg
MOBILTURI_zen marmo_comp. 2_DET_2_HD_Vie.jpg

Specialist & Unique

Create a modern classic style in your kitchen with our NINA range which allows you to change the door centre panel to reveal real matching wood to a blackboard or even pewter. This allows aesthetically beautiful and highly practical options for your kitchen.

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